Skinny vs. Curvy

Kelly now and Kelly in October '09
Omg, I wasn't aware that Kelly Osbourne lost a lot of weight, 42 pounds to be exact. I know she slimmed down a little, but then still looked fab. and curvy. But I must say that I think she looks much sexier and hotter on the picture from before, that dress fits her really good, the necklace, clutch and heels creates a nice outfit on the red-carpet for her. I'm sorry, but the polka dots outfit with the gloves...?...eew, I'm sorry, I like the head band, that ones real pretty. But everything else is just horrible.
Sure, I'm glad for all your success and such now when you're thin, she says she's getting more clothes sent to her, people seem to be more interested in her, and lots of PR companies calls her, etc.etc.
But...I like the Curvy Kelly better. What do you think?


Ana said…
I agree with you!! Se looks better on the right picture..

and thank you! Hope you have a great saturday too :)
Weesha said…
curvy kelly any day! I wish she hadn't turned herself into another prototype in hollywood just like everyone else- booooo!!!
Katrin said…
It kins od looka like her hair is to big for her oO

I love her so much when she had pink hair and look so fucking punk rock fucked up...

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