Snotty nosed kid

Me in my new cozy BIG cardigan.
My nose keeps running, I keep sneezing, and my nose is as well clogged. My voice sounds deep too...*sigh* and my laptop is acting up. perfect. it won't start. fuck.
Oh well, i got my dear Mac.
Today has been such a no-special day so I haven't much to say but...I've just been workin'. Workin' all day long. It's all about the benjamins! right...
Tomorrow another day of work awaits, but this weekend I'm off and I'm SO happy for that, hopefully then I'll do something fun and exciting. Maybe go to the movies or have a nice Italian dinner out.


DrDavon said…
I love this look, so chic
Maria said…
Love you! Ses vi imorgon eller?? Jillsan kan.
simone said…
Så snygg du är :D

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