Thank god it's Friday.

thank you lord.
Been having a good night sleep, went grocery shopping with Elin, cooked a real nice dinner for myself, which I will also bring with me to work tomorrow night, AWESOME! Been hanging out with Rhianwen mixin' drinks with ice cream in it, delicious, been watching TV aaaaall niiiiight looooooong, so relaxing. Saw a really interesting documentary about Tupac, respect, called Tupac - Resurrection, he seems like a really cool guy, judging by the interviews, real interesting interviews and videos/footage. That guy spoke wise words I gotta say, and he's funny too!...after seeing the documentary I feel like getting his album, turn up my speakers in tha car, cruising down tha street, lookin' bangin'! *shades*
seriously, NOW I understand the love and respect many people have for Tupac all over the world. He's cool!
From the Tupac - Resurrection documentary from 2003


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