What the fuck...

I've had the worst car-wash experience today, my very first car-wash experience.
Ah, look at that picture, what my car once used to look like, it looked new and fresh then...now, it just feels like my car is falling apart, this winter weather sucks, it's ruining my car, the salt from the roads are making my car a bit rusty around the wheels....fuck, I thought and friends told me that I should get it washed. So I figured, gotta do it as soon as possible...so I did it today, and nothing went like it should have, ended with me not even being able to go through the drying-process, because the machine acted up and stopped it the middle of starting so I couldn't get out of the car-wash cause it was blocking my path, so I had to reverse out of there, hard as fuck. And the guy working at the gas station, old fuck and totally retarded, was acting so weird and didn't know anything and just basically told me I was stupid, saying "Car owners should have some common sense." cause I drove into the car wash with some snow on the roof. What the fuck was I supposed to know, I came into the gas station acting like I had no clue in the first place how to do this shit, I'm so mad!!! so mad right now...I cried when I drove away from there. I've never felt SO STUPID, RETARDED, CRIPPLED, AND LOST before in my whole life. I was in that car wash all alone for several minutes that felt by the way like FOREVER, getting out of the car, looking around, reversing going forward time after time trying to figure out what the fuck was wrong with the machine before I had to call for help.
Oh god. I feel so bad.
And it feels like stuff is wrong with the car as well, and I hope things doesn't freeze to ice now when I've parked it, and dad is gonna take a look on my car this weekend, I just have a feeling there's things that needs to be checked and sorted out. Just can't wait...I want to have it done NOW!
Enough of my negativity and ranting. I'm just very upset...however, Jason just got back with some take away food from the Restaurant down the block that I've always wanted to go to so I'm a bit happy...and certainly I'll feel much better after some food in my tummy.

Have a great Friday everyone, lots of love.
ps. I did get a free car-wash...for the trouble. Thank good. But I was almost on my way to go, as the old man ran out to give me it, *sigh* retard.


Weesha said…
pfftt ignore that stupid old man, people just get cranky and like to vent on anybody they find. Focus on the positive- at least u got the car wash for free!
Kristel Knows said…
yeah that is true, thanks! :) you're making me feel so much better, it's nice to hear it from someone else you know. :)
Emma said…
Det var ju deras maskin som krånglade så du borde ha fått göra om hela tvätten gratis. Dumma idioter. Om det märks att du aldrig använt en biltvätt innan så måste de ju gå ut och förklara för dig och då hade de ju dessutom sett att du hade snö på taket och sagt åt dig att ta bort det. Helt deras fel.
Dessutom: stod det någonstans att du inte fick ha snö på taket? Om det inte gjorde det så har du inte gjort ett enda dugg fel.

Nä, usch, åk inte dit igen. Jäkla skitställe!

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