Who dat!? Who dat saints!

Just wanna say that I'm happy New Orleans Saint won the super bowl last night!
Jason's favorite team, he's been rooting for them since as long as I can remember, it's very rare that you have a favorite team that WINS IT ALL.
I'm not that into American football at all and don't know much about it, but when watching the end of the game last night, I got really into, it was exciting, and watching Jason flip out was fun ;) when it was only a few seconds left of the game and we knew Saints were gonna win he was jumping up and down screaming of joy, and I couldn't help but smile, and I got a bit mushy as well when they got the trophy and held their "thank you" speeches.
Also, it's nice that New Orleans won especially after being hit by that horrible hurricane in 2005, must bring joy to the city.


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