1 more day to go...

Sucks that I haven't had time to post fun stuff on the blog, been working since Wednesday, and working tomorrow as well, last day and then I'm off for 3 days, Can't wait. Just wait...just wait! :)
Been off work only ONE day this week, I'm exhausted.
It's been stressful and sometimes and boring, sometimes lots of fun of course, but at the end...having more time at home to spend on the things you like, or be with the people you like beats all.

Time to watch Supernatural with Jay, been following that series lately, it kicks ass, If you haven't seen Dean and Sam in Supernatural, please do. I'm on the second season and loving it so far.

Lots of love!


Zatine said…
Hoppas det blir en lugn dag som ändå går fort imorgon! Kram
StephanieDJL said…
Urgh that sucks but think of the 3 days off and the moneys ;) haha
Glam Girl said…
Congratulation for you blog, it's quite amazing! Nice post!

at leat you get three days off!

BBM said…
hang in there girl!

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