Yesterdays Outfit

Top - H&M sale 50 SEK, Skirt - MQ 99 SEK, Earrings - H&M old ones.
Au natural
God, I'm so tired. got up just a few minutes ago, it's 2 pm and I've gotten about 7 hours of sleep, that's right I fell asleep at 6 am. Sucks doesn't it. BUT! I would have been asleep long before that if our friend Johan wouldn't had missed is bus poor guy. (the very last bus for the day.) Jason falls asleep and I'm stuck awake...keeping him company. He was a bit wasted too so...he had a hard time being quiet ;) No hard feelings Johan, it was nice having you over, I'm just dead tired right now and I got work soon.............*fart*.............I don't wanna.......BUT! I work with Therese who's kick ass to work with so I'm looking forward to work but at the same time not, don't know how that's kinda possible. Anyway, Jay just got back from our local pizzeria with lunch, Yum yum! Time for PIZZA!


Emma said…
Tessan äger på jobbet! =) När ni hade assmiddag så höll vi på att dö tills Tessan kom. Jag har nog aldrig blivit så glad över att se någon komma till jobbet, haha! Hade det inte varit för henne så hade vi fått stänga 8 på kvällen eller något :P

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