Fringe leggings, Hot or not?

Just got back home from night shift, and as usual, I'm not that I've been browsing around, checking out their latest items. It's almost torture, cause I know that I can't really (or won't) buy the clothes, cause 1. a bit pricey. 2. I've already been shopping some from H&M (will show soon, love it.) 3. The sizes on the dresses only goes up to a size 44-46. And depending on the type of design and fabric, I'm not quite sure if they will fit. But at least, browsing around their web-shop gives me some inspiration. Absolutely LOVE the first dress, with the black collar!!! Give me!
I have for some time now been thinking about fringe leggings...saw a pair on E-bay for a cheap prize and wanted to put a bid on it but...I don't know...are they cool? or will they not fit me? like...will me legs look short and stubby?
Do you think fringe leggings are hot?

Leggings - around 199 SEK.

1. dress - 599 SEK. 2. Dress - 699 SEK. 3. Shorts/skirt - 399 SEK.


LuAnne D said…
a) leggings make your legs look thinner
b) I think chubby legs are a lot sexier.
c) You can definitely pull off fringe leggings, go for it :)
StephanieDJL said…
Personally I'm not a big fan of the fringed leggings, then again I'm not a big fan of fringed anything! So I'm bias. Although if you like them I say go for it :D I love the other leggings though especially the lace, they look exactly the same as the Yours Clothing ones. I adore the dresses and the shorts/skirt, too cute!
Kristel Knows said…
mmmm...I've been thinking about this for a looong time, cause I don't want to buy the fringe leggings and then like...never...use them, that would suck.
But I don't know, maybe I should go for em' I do think they rock! Imagine high heels with fringe leggings and a denim shirt or something? :) *excited*
BBM said…
fringed leggings??? i dont know baby girl ... they remind me too much of hair. hehehe!

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