Potential Bookworm?

Inspired by a friend I decided to check out the HUGE book sales that is going on right now.
I've always liked reading books, read a lot when I was younger and when going to school, also when studying English at the university. But lately, I'm ashamed, I've lost it.
Nowadays I mostly look at pictures in magazine instead of reading the actual article, for example. In the long run, it kind of sucks, cause you learn a lot by reading.
So, I have, I'M SO HAPPY! bought Crystal Renn's book HUNGRY! yay!
(it was not on sale, unfortunately, but they had it on stock.)
Bought 4, hopefully worth reading, books on sale...they seem good and interesting, I'm really gonna try to pick reading books again, like before I go to bed or anytime, instead of maybe watching TV etc.
I also bought Criminal minds.......................................I just had to! Season 2...I'm so excited *singing* and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

Has anyone read Crystal's book?


Nina said…
Oh i've been wanting to get back into reading too. I haven't read her book yet but i've been really wanting to.
BBM said…
i want to read that book too! and im ashamed as well ... ive been collecting books nowadays and not actually reading it ... its so bad! i just can find the time ... but actually, i set up next saturday to go to the san diego bay and read a book with friends ... just the fresh cut grass, maybe some iced tea, the sun, and a good read. wanna come? ;-)

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