The Garden Collection

Some of my fav. items.
I'll be sure to buy some of them, my absolute fav.s are the flowery and colorful tops and dresses but also really like the jackets! And the collection is also really affordable, tops around 99 SEK, dresses around 199 SEK. Note that (here in Sweden.) H&M has 100 SEK off on any Jacket you purchase, don't know for how long this deal will go on...but...*deep exhale* There's a jacket that I've been checking out for some time now, real pretty, basic spring/autumn jacket. My friend owns 2 of them in different colors, she likes em' a lot...and so do I...maybe I should buy it now when they have this great deal?
ANYHOW, love the garden collection, it just makes me want spring and summer so much more, I can feel the warmth inside, I wanna dress in pretty dresses and tops, with a skirt, shorts or leggings, and walk around in sandals or ballerinas, can't's March already, the snow is melting away, the sun is shining...I'm happy!! Not long to Spring now my friends. yay!


Nina said…
Wow so pretty! I would so buy a lot of those if i wasn't so broke! hehe But i love the second jacket and the dress next to it!
i just wanted to tell you that your blog is truly inspiring!

your newest follower,

Anonymous said…
Du borde köpa jackan! jag la in en beställning på några klänningar :) / tess

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