favorite top

Today I'm wearing my favorite top with a black skirt and baby pink belt, bought on sale not long ago. Today has been a really really really good day! Got my hands on a dress I've been dying to get, and I was lucky to find it today at H&M, MY SIZE LEFT! happy to be a full figured girl, cause they only had sizes 12 and up left,
I grabbed that size 12 like my life depended on it!!
I'll show a pictures later...

Also bought two pair of vintage earrings at a secondhand store we visited for the first time today, both for only 17 SEK, yay. Also had the grand opening of Media Markt here in Uppsala, of course my and Jay had to go by and check it out, traffic was CRAZY around the area, never seen anything like it in a long time, reminded me of when I was in Jersey and they had just opened Sonic by the highway, traffic was ridiculous then! Of course me and Jay risked our lifes :P and ran over the highway and I got my first taste of a corndog. Anyway, I bought a new camera...(*^_^*) cheap but OK. I really need a new one, my old one has done it's time...


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