Nice touch...

Leggins nr.1 149 SEK, Leggings nr.2 149 SEK, Leggings nr.3 199 SEK.
Coral pumps 449 SEK, Bullboxer grey pumps 499 SEK, Wildflower black shoe 449 SEK

Leggings are kick ass! They are comfortable, they always fit well (as long as you get the right size.) I own too many black plain ones, I want some colors and patterns, so I checked out Ellos' website, they have a lot of different looking leggings to choose between and I found these that I like, and I found some nice shoes to match them with, for inspiration.
I know the leggings does have crazy prints and could be kind of uncomfortable to wear cause they really stand out, but I think they'll look really good on if you wear a basic, simple top or dress, for example. What do you think? like it or do you think I'm crazy for liking these prints? :P


i love the third pair of leggigs and shoes!i think leggings with prints can be fun as long as you dont have to much going on!

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