Bringing back some color...

Dress SALES H&M, stockings SALES H&M, Shoes SALES Skopunkten.
(an outfit for less then 300 SEK)

Finally! :D
No more work...yes! No more...for at least a couple of days, I've been undiscribable tired of working, like I said before, I've only been off day ONE day last week, and this week I'm off five. what's up with that? I have to work my ASS off for one week and then chill out the next one, what happened with balance? Oh well, I don't want to complain, I get to work, I'm happy for that though. I'm not gonna complain.

Now I'll have more time to blog, yay!


BBM said…
i love this dress jennifer! where are u going with this outfit hmmm? ure adorable! enjoy ure rest and tell the bf not to get jealous when u start getting winks from boys (and maybe some jealous rolling of the eyes from girls) with this outfit on. ;-)
Lodimat said…
i love the way you dress up! <3 makes me freakin want you to be my stylist! haha
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks (*^_^*) I changed the heels to flat boots later on, hehe, but some day when I go out to maybe party, or have a drink, I'll pick out those heels, I just really love to dress up at home wearing high heels. hehe. You know what I mean? :)

Thanks for the compliments girls, it really warms my heart.
Nina said…
The dress looks great one you, the color stockings look great with the outfit too! BTW that grass looking rug is so cool! hehe

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