Garden collection dresses, 199 SEK a piece.

Oh yeah baby.
They are mine.

Been dying to get the right one, the colorful pattern dress, so happy when I saw they still had it in the store we visited today (I had given up all hopes on ever seeing it in stores since it's so popular and has sold out online time after time.) and in my size!! weee!! So happy, also took the chance to buy the cute blue dress, that dress as well is sold out on the HM online store. So...SCORE for me! yay!


omg!new h&m!

thanks so much for thw award! it means alot to know that someone enjoys reading my blog!
Unknown said…
Hey Jennifer!!
I love the arms on that 2nd dress...
Very DRAMATIC!!! :)
CurvyGirlChic said…
AHHHHH I'm SO JEALOUS! First off, I don't think that blue dress even MADE IT to the store near me--second, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT THE FLOWER DRESS. There was only one in the store (on the mannequin, so I'm sure it was a size 0 or something) when I went! It looks gorgeous on you babe! :)

StephanieDJL said…
The dress on the right is so gorgeous!
Lodimat said…
The only things thats missing: You on a yacht in St.Tropez! :D looks so glamorous...

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