DM Cheerleading '10

Uppsala Spirits, Excalibur
Today has been spent in Kista/Stockholm watching cheerleading.
It's the pretty big competition where teams from this district gets picked out to be sent to the big nation wide Swedish Cheerleading competition. My lil' sis' team did pretty well, they were all great to be honest, some mistakes, but I can not image the pressure and balance you need to have when being lift up by your team mates. My natural reactions to everything impressive and awesome was "OH MY GOD!?" so I was like...omg,omg,omg,omg, omg...pretty much all the time. They were impressive! Cheerleading is so awesome to watch! Took lots of awesome pictures where they throw eachother high up in the air, etc.etc. super cool! *proud over my low photograph skills*
So proud of my little sister, she's so good!! Jessica you're gonna cheer for some football teams in the US and marry a rich player OK!? :P


Zatine said…
Cheerleading är awesomeness!
Jag cheerade i ett helt år ^^ hihi
fick lyfta och kasta folk :P och jag var bäst i gruppen på toe-touch ;D hahaha

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