Crystal with an apple

Pictures from Vice Magazine, thoughts?
She smokes on quite a few photos, in the past and now, what are your thoughts about that? Is it supposed to be "trendy"? "Artsy"? OR..does she really smoke? kind of sending out the wrong message to others? hm, I don't really get it, however, she looks beautiful but still...that damn cigarette. *rolleyes*

Also, her thoughts on Kate Moss' statement about being skinny.
Vice : You were very complimentary to Kate Moss in your book, but what did you think of her recent comment that “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”?
Crystal Renn:
[laughs] It’s really funny that you mention that. I was just talking about it yesterday. I actually love her as a model. However, that comment really disturbed me. I don’t know if she thought about what she was saying and the effect that it would have on all the people who look up to her. I mean, how many people look up to Kate Moss? She is an icon, and for an icon to say such a thing can be quite devastating to the younger fans.

MH-HM! yeah, girl...


CurvyGirlChic said…
Love this! And so true about that kate moss comment--so disappointing! Also not feeling the smoking...though crystal renn can really not do too much wrong in my book! lol. :)
she is so beautiful!
Lodimat said…
i think smoking can do so much for the atmosphere in pictures... but in the pictures with crystal it doesn't work! Apple: Yes, Cigarette: No! :)
Zatine said…

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