Today's outfit

Jacket H&M SALE 250 SEK, Knitted scarf ICA MAXI 39 SEK, White over size top GINATRICOT 49 SEK, Treggings H&M 149 SEK, Glasses SPECSAVERS Red or Dead about 1700 SEK.

Love this app. on my iPhone, Hipstamatic. bought the demo for 15 SEK, so I highly recommend anyone that likes to take photos to download this app. it's so much fun and the photos turn out great!
Jay just left for the gym so...I'm gonna crack open a bag of popcorn and watch Criminal minds and slurp on a nice cold diet coke. Take care muffins.


Weesha said…
love the picture effects, you look hot in your glasses im jealous!
Nina said…
The pictures look awesome!

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