"Without a flash..."

Striped top - Vero Moda, Cardigan - Ellos, Belt - Indiska, Leggings - H&M.

These past days I've been the laziest person on this planet, still is, it feels like, I go to bed late...well, partly because I work night shifts this week but also because I a natural night owl. I stretch and roll around bed much longer in the morning...trying to get up, but just don't really have the strength nor energy. Jason makes be breakfast and coffee in the morning, Love him! So I've been having eggs and toast with ham and cheese, with BLACK coffee, awesome, I never really make myself a nice breakfast like that. I just grab some bread and spread some liver paté on it. :P

Another day of work awaits, last night was a long night, didn't come him in time, but it was ok, but hopefully I won't have to work over time today :) I'm so tired in my body...but I know I'll have a lot of fun today cause I'm working with my girls, Elin and Emma.

Have a great day


Anonymous said…
Hej :)
Jag har nu igång en hel del tävlingar och det kommer in nya hela tin.
Kanske finns det något som intresserar just dig.

Var gärna med :)

Är du int intresserad ber jag så hemskt mycket om ursäkt
och då är det bara radera den hära kommentaren eller nå:)

Ha det bra :)
Kramar // Millah
Zatine said…
Ååh vilken fin bild på dig och Jason!
BBM said…
im a night owl too girl ... and liver pate?!? shut it down! ure my kinda girl! u look super cute here and ahh, theres ure american boy! u two are adorable!
simone said…
sV: Thnx darling :) Have any plans for the weekend?

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