Day 11 Outfit

Top - Ginatricot 49 SEK
Skirt - H&M 129 SEK
Bracelet - Ginatricot
Earrings - Indiska

Now I'm off to Sibylla, that is just around the corner from here basically, aren't we lucky. Sibylla is like US' Wendy's...almost, but a little less popular, but just as old fashioned.
Hope you all have a great day,
this is my day off work so I'm gonna really enjoy myself today.


Weesha said…
looking beautiful girl :) kinda gypsy like!
BBM said…
shut up with the skirt! i love it ... ure sooo purrdddy! whatever! ;-P

enjoy sibylla!
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks girls *blush* I love the skirt too, esp. the color...don't have much clothing in, i like it a lot.:)
Lodimat said…
your hair! <3

and this skiiiirt!
Maria said…
OOOUU BLOG MAKE OVER!!! Looks great :)
Miss you

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