Should I or should I not?

199-95-79 SEK

149-149-99 SEK

Been really inspired to buy pattern and colorful leggings, too spice things up!
So I'm really like...having a hard time deciding, which ones to get, I'm thinking of trying ALL of them (but it does feel a little bit over kill to get 6 pairs of leggings all at the same time.), and do I not like them I'll send them back. The top middle, flowery leggings and top right black shiny leggings are both on SALE for less then a 100 SEK, those are like "GET IT RIGHT AWAY"-leggings, I've been checking those out before. The ones at the bottom right I've already ordered from H&M *rolleyes* cute aren't they? I just can't wait for spring to come, image those leggings, with a white loose-fit comfy top, black biker jacket and black studded flats, and a nice bag to go with it, and a messy braid going down your shoulder side.

I don't know. hehe...Just fantasizing a little...


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