Favorite top, yet another day...

Today I wore my favorite top with a pair of denim jeans from Monki. The most comfortable jeans I own, I was lucky to find them. I always have a really HARD time finding pants that fit well.
Also wore my new vintage earrings, love the blue color, isn't it nice? maybe it's a bit hard to see on the pic. but...they are BIG and have a deep blue color. My bag is also vintage, bought it on eBay, another everyday favorite, just like my striped top.

Again, me and Jay went to Media Markt, and...
we bought a PS3. *sigh*
somewhat expensive, but...at the time the cheapest and best offer you could find and Jay has really been wanting one for a while now and...deep down inside I'm a gamer, I've played a lot of video/PC games through my younger years. We split it, and we got some really COOL games as well. *excited* and...now I don't have to buy a new DVD player, and can finally watch Criminal Minds s.2. And not to forget, enjoy watching BLUE RAY vids.

Have a great day everyone!


Weesha said…
cute outfit :). I really like the pictures too. haha I say I'm not a gamer but I still get excited when I see smtg related to Need for Speed

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