Schlager favs.

We haven't chosen a winner yet to send to the Eurovision song contest, have been really bad at following this years Schlager comps. but know there's some big Swedish artists participating this year, so I had to check it out on the net.Here's my favorites...
Salem Al Fakir * Keep on walking

Original, I like Salem a lot! Music and Lyrics made all by himself, that's admirable.
Here's another song that I like, by Salem, that I've listen to alot, alot in the always makes me feel happy inside. Altho, maybe Europe isn't ready for Salem...maybe it will be too hard to understand the quality that he possess.

Timoteij * Kom

Pretty Swedish girls, blond and tall, singing in Swedish (Kinda like actually) all playing instruments with hypnotizing melodies making all the Europeans out there fall in love with them and vote for them, and HURRAY Sweden wins the Eurovision song contest. Come on, European guys love the stereotypical looking Swede.

Darin * You're out of my life

Sweden's own little Idol, came in second in the very first season of Swedish Idol, and has since developed into a big, shining star. Released several albums, done a song together with Kat Deluna, and toured Germany. Maybe the Germans will give us 12 points if we send Darin :P


Maria said…
Jag gillar också Timotej faktiskt. Synd att inte Darin tog en mer POPPIG LÅT?!

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