Car problem, again.

I'm so sad and disappointed at my car, my ford...focus.
Something's wrong with it AGAIN.
I don't have much to say about my day besides, my car sucks and I can't drive it. Something with the breaks, it's making an awful lot of noise! *sigh* and drove it to my grandfather after work so he can help me out with it, soooo sooo grateful cause I don't know anything about cars, well, not much at least. Now I REALLY know why the majority of people say that Ford sucks, so in about 6 months I've had 2 major problems so far including this, and also....I got rust and mud guards falling of the car. *throws fist in the air* why me?! why me?!

It's not easy or cheap to own a car.

Thanks to Emma and Elin for keeping me company today when getting the car to my grandpa's place, wouldn't have dared to drive alone if something might have happened....big explosion? haha, No...anyway...hope you all had a great day, more fun post will soon as I get off work. 2 more days out for 6 to go.


Weesha said…
u just gotta roll with the crappy days & make the most out of the good ones, today it's something. The next day it will be something else. Maybe this blog award will cheer you up :)

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