I'm feeling so depressed right now...This weather sucks and is ruining my car, it goes from plus degrees to minus in one day, and not only has both mud guards on the front of the car broke loose now there's something under my car that has fallen off and is scraping against the road. Seems like it's some sort of protection metal screen. *sigh* So annoying and I don't know much about cars so I have to ask my dad for help all the time, and I don't want to be a pain in the ass calling often...oh well.
Hopefully I'll get it fixed as soon as possible, for now I'll drive carefully.
*sigh* GAH!

I guess that is what you get from buying a Ford, Jay says.


Weesha said…
haha Ford cars aren't so bad, cheer up! at least it's something you can fix, no?
Zatine said…
Aww pain! Du får åka och tina upp bilen i nått garage ibland. Det gör vi för våran ser ut som en isbit all tha tajm.
Kristel Knows said…
Weesha: Yeah, it's fixable thank god :) It's just very annoying cause where there's a lot of snow on the road it makes this awful sound, like it hurts when I hear it, hehe, I feel for my car. :P it's just like hanging there, I hate when things are broken, I get a desperate urge to get it fixed if not I'm bothered and depressed, well, hopefully I'll get some help from dad soon.

Elin: Kan jag låna ditt garage? :D hehe.

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