Earn money on your blog.

Been fortunate enough to get contacted by Bloggpeng.se.
Of course, this website is in swedish, but I'm sure there's plenty of other foreign/English website out there as well. A website you can join and get informed about how to earn some extra cash, and you don't need to have the worlds most popular blog or most visited, you can earn some money anyway. That...we like...don't we?
So I want to recommend all my Swede friends/Swede visitors to check this website out, if you're a blogger you really should ;)

I enjoy blogging a lot and now when I know I can earn some cash from it, that only makes me happy, Cause I do spend a lot of time on the blog. *rolleyes*

Check out the website to learn more!


Anonymous said…
Girl, you inspire.
Nina said…
Wow that's awesome! I wonder if they have one of those for people in the US! I don't have very much followers though, but that's really cool!

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