Golden wings...

right bought way back at Ginatricot on Sale.
Found this ring not long ago, totally forgot that I had it...I know I didn't like it before, basicaly bought it and never used it, but today....when I've been desperately hunting for unique, BIG beautiful rings, I'm loving this one.
I'm so tired of setting labels right now. It's my day off work at my "first" job, but I almost never get a whole day off work, cause lately I've been at this other place setting labels everyday I'm available, BUT! I've gotten paid now for previous work, so...HURRAY! It's all about the Bejamins. Without money life is tough, however, at the same time working hard for the money is tough as well.
Can't wait to go hope, cause I'm gonna cook a delicious chicken dinner.


BBM said…
love the ring, and gotta love chicken ... so easy to cook!

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