I come!

I'm so excited right now!
I've finally taken the time to look up information about how to apply for a visa.
Before when looking around the US embassy of Stockholm website I got so confused and lost...didn't know what app. to fill in or where to start for that matter. So I kind of let it be, and now it's been 3 months since I originally wanted to apply, so I'm much behind. I want to get to the US as soon as possible, cause Jay is dying to go back. Sweden is just not his place. (mine either.)

So today I e-mailed the embassy asking what app. do fill in, and I just got a reply. An app. that allows me to stay in the US for 6 months and then the visa can get extended for an additional 6 months. At first I was gonna app. as fiancé, but if so I'd have to marry Jay within 3 months after entering the US. That's kind of crazy, of course I want a future with Jason, but I don't want to rush into a marriage
Hopefully within this year me and Jay can move to the states, to New Jersey.


BBM said…
shut up! ure coming to US? YAY!!!! the states will be a happier place if u live here! best wishes on ure visa application!
Kristel Knows said…
YES!! :D I really want to go, Jason can't speak swedish but I can speak english so I think I'll do much better in US then Jason does in Sweden...finding work etc. I'm excited, I like the States a lot, so different from Sweden in a good way! :D just hope I'll find a job...
Zatine said…
Jennifer!!!!! Nooooo!!!!
Om du flyttar ska jag också flytta till USA. ^^
Fan va häftigt äventyr att bo i USA ett år. Vill jag också göra. Hoppas faktiskt att du bestämmer dig för att åka :)
Maria said…
Can I come with you as your child? Or animal maybe? A pandapig?
StephanieDJL said…
How exciting! I wish you luck with everything :D

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