I got it, Score!

Just got the H&M catalog, yay, got my mail today from my brother...my mail still gets sent to my old address. Anyway, and...signed on H&M's website and found this GREAT deal from the catalog.
This dress for only 49 SEK. (you can get it in stripes, flower pattern, and grey. I think)

AND I GOT ONE! These deals go so fast, if you're even a second late, it's too late, all the dresses will be gone!
*dances* I got the dreeeEESS.Lalala... *singing*
Go get one before it's too late.


Unknown said…
love that floral dress...im soo ready for spring...but I have to say that I love your banner...did you draw it yourself?
Nina said…
That's an awesome dress with a great print, so great for spring! You got an awesome deal, even though im not sure how much that is in US money. But it sounds like an awesome deal! :)
Kristel Knows said…
about 6 USD :) yay.
Zatine said…
Värsta flower power
BBM said…
$6 for that dress! no freakin way! now i wanna be skinny all of a sudden ... hehehe!

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