I want Harem pants.

Yes or No?
I like these kind of pants, before...I might have not dared to use them, but...today is another day. I really like them, can't decide on black or grey though, I was gonna get that white flower pattern skirt by the way, but lucky me...it was sold out when I got to it. Only the black one left so...I'll skip it.
These high waste harem pants goes for 299 SEK at Ellos.


Lodimat said…
YES and GREY! i can imagine you wearing'em and lookin super hot! :)
Emma said…
NO and NO!

Jag tycker dock inte om harembyxor, precis som att jag ogillar byxdressar :P
Nina said…
I would say get the black, but it's so safe so you might as well get the grey ones! hehe But If you get them, i can't wait to see them! :)
StephanieDJL said…
Yes, yes, yes! I adore this type of pant but due to having stupidly long legs, trousers just don't work on me! I think you should get the ones on the right.
vc said…
They are cute! I would get black. I like the way they look but not on me..my booty is to big! LOL
Kim Zyra Dayag said…
Yes Yes ! I Like The Black Harem :">

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