I'm lovin' it.

(ok...I failed a "jump-picture".)
Got a new cardigan yesterday in the mail, bought it on E bay (tradera.se) and it's from Urban Outfitters. (121 SEK, Ka-tjing!) Lovin' it. Perfect fit, love the color and the golden buttons. Also a perfect match with an old ring I've been having lying around.

Today is my day off work, I've been sleeping away half the day, sucks, hate sleeping passed 12 pm. Been picking up some parts at a car shop so that I can fix my car tomorrow, yay, finally! And been grocery shopping a bit, it's fun to grocery shop...I got chips cause it's Friday night, (I know it's not healthy but it's Friday and I don't care) just gonna mix together a delicious dip sauce and get cozy in bed, and watch Swedish version "Dancing with the stars".

Have a great Friday night!


Weesha said…
oooh I like! and such a pretty colour too!
CurvyGirlChic said…
Aw that cardigan looks so cute on you! haha and that jumping picture is hilarious! :D


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