It's official

I hate
for quite some time now I've been having problems with it.
it's been about a week now, but...I will work again...I'll give it a day or two, maybe some connection failure or whatever making it at the moment impossible to check my mail.
Desperately I tried to sign in, but never to my success...
So, yesterday I created a new e-mail at
and today...that one doesn't work either...
do you hate me or something,

what have I ever done to you to cause you this annoyance?

nothing....nothing...I hate you right now!



Nina said…
I think it's telling you it's time to switch to gmail! hehe I had aol for a long time and it gave me a lot of problems, till i finally switched to gmail and i haven't had any problems with it yet!
Kristel Knows said…
haha, i actually just switched to Gmail!! :D works so far...I'm glad. :D

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