Laughs and tears

I'm up way too late, but I'm stuck in front of the computer, listening to Salem Al Fakirs album Ignore this. GREAT! I really like this kind of music, my taste def. I can listen to a lot of different types of music, I can accept, take it in, and like it for what it is, but Salem's music is unique and filled with quality!
So as I'm listening to Salem's great lyrics and melodies, I remember an old multiply account I have, that is filled, FILLED with old pictures, started looking through pics from our trip to Philippines in 2005 when my very BFF Maria joined me and my family. She's so out of place on many pics. it's funny, surrounded by my relatives. The funny faces she makes, her red face *laughs* I love you Maria. As tired as I am right now at this time of the night I was close to sincerely crying out of joy cause I have such a great friend like you with such great unforgettable memories. (you better be reading this :P)
plus *sigh* would you LOOK at my SICK tan!!!!

Enjoy the beautiful music by Salem.


Maria said…
*crying* *for real* Tack kära vän. Det kommer bli mer resor för oss hoppas jag!! Eller det räknar jag med . :)

(mitt ansikte är för tillfället vitt)
Nina said…
Aww how fun, aww i haven't been to the Philippines in awhile and i miss it! That's really awesome your best friend went with you, i would love to take a trip there with my friends one day! :)

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