New shoes

Flats - 199 SEK. Boots (which I really LIKE!) - 349 SEK (also bought shoes for work, so I only had to pay for 2 pairs and get one pair for free, loving it.)

Haven't had the chance to get on the computer until now, Jay has been occupying it all night since I got home, after a long awesome day of shopping with friends. Anyway, every time I get the chance to finally get ON the computer, Jay just can't stop bothering me. *sigh* I've had a bout 4-5 hours of sleep cause of an early shift today so I'm very tired and not in the mood for deep unnecessary subjects. It's just hard to explain, it's just things in your everyday life that is pushing your buttons and then you just don't have the energy to deal with it anymore, like now when I just want to check things out online and I'm really tired. Talking about humanity being doomed, dead zones and whatever...I don't understand and don't want to understand it at the moment, I just want to be happy with my life, myself and what I'm doing NOW. he knows I'm pissed right now so....*sigh* I don't care that I share this on the blog. No body's perfect.

Tomorrow I'm off work, wonderful, I'll post something more FUN and POSITIVE then. :) Cause that is what I love and enjoy.


Gabi said…
Love the shoes...what a great buy! I also wanted to tell you how much I adore your rug:) I love how it looks kinda like grass!

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