Oh noes!

*sad face*
since the garden collection got released/and the new catalog with all the new spring/summer clothes came out the other day, most of the pretties clothes are now sold out, didn't see this dress around when I made some garden collection purchases, damn, figured it wasn't out yet, but it was and sold out at right away! I really wanted this dress, it was my ABSOLUTE favorite, saw it in magazines and so on, REALLY wanted this one. It only cost 199 SEK. I wonder if they'll get these in again...I highly doubt it. :(


that dress looks so beutiful and flowy! hopefully you can find it somewhere else!

StephanieDJL said…
Maybe you can find it instore? So jealous that you have a website and a catalogue! Why is H&M letting me down on that front!? I'm gonna have a look in store some time next week and see if anything is hanging around. This dress and the one in the last post are too cute.

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