Rockin' the Fringe

Here's a cool chick who looks great in fringe leggings...*rolleyes* (To the left.)
Also found this other picture of another cool chick who wears a different designed fringe leggings, Also's nice to see actual outfit pictures of people pulling it of, looking great. So...maybe I can work it too? :)

When browsing around Google about fringe leggings, I saw a lot of catwalk photos and photos of Top shops own fringe leggings, I think they were a trend like last year, but whatever, you should create your own trend and style, always, that's what makes you unique...that's what makes it fun with fashion. (*^_^*)

Also when google-ing around found this awesome website.
Check it out, lots of outfit pictures from lots of people out there in the world.


Rosanna said…
love these!!! i want fringed leggings!!

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