Today's outfit

Loving my new Lace Leggings!
White blouse - Ginatricot 48 SEK
Belt - H&M 59 SEK
Black one shoulder dress - H&M 50 SEK
Black lace leggings - H&M 100 SEK (new)
Purple suede boots.
(everthing bought on sale. :P)

Took a trip down to the basement of the apartment building cause our room is messy as hell, and I like taking "outfit pictures" with a more natural background, white walls, there's too much going on in our room I think.


Weesha said…
I love your new lace leggings too! they're really pretty, you look awesome!
Zatine said…
Coola leggings!
Emma said…
Jag älskar ditt skärp!

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