27 Dresses rules...

Just like the movie, 27 dresses

Just like BBM I've been inspired to do a challenge, personally I think it would be so much fun to try to ONLY wear dresses for 27 days straight. The interesting part is, do I have that many dresses? I don't know, we'll see I guess, how exciting! Dresses is one of my favorite items, they can be everything from pretty to sexy, simple or bold, but always feminine.

Do you want to join the challenge?
I'd be so happy! The more the merrier.
Just be sure to let me know so I can check it out.

*Wear a dress everyday for 27 days straight.
*Mix/combine your dress with anything, that is fine, you don't need to wear ONLY a dress ;)

*Gazel asked if skirts were OK, and YES, that way maybe more people can join, as long as it looks "dressy" it's fine.

Starting tomorrow 23/4
can't wait.


Sarah said…
If skirts are good, I'm in, didn't think I had 27 dresses, but pretty sure I have 27 dresses and or skirts.

Zatine said…
I have 1 dress....and its too small....
BBM said…
aaawww thanks for the shout-out jennifer! count me in cuz u know im a sucker for challenges and of course, dresses!
OB said…

I have to start tomorrow :\ lol but at least it's getting hotter lol can't wait I will announce it on my blog! <3 this is so fun and exciting lol plus dresses are my fave too!!! <33
Kristel Knows said…
Yay! I'm so excited! :)it's ok if you start later, as long as you do it for 27 days ;) oh yeah! that's all that matters.

Can't wait to follow it up on all your blogs!! :D again...so excited!
Anonymous said…
I love this idea! I don't know whether I can do a full 27 days though...! Haha, maybe I will give it a shot and see, you never know? (does it still count if I wear jeans under it? :p)
Unknown said…
I'm in... I guess my comment got lost in cyberspace oh well... still doing it anyway.
Nefertiti said…
tres interressant challenge !

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