Adorable earrings

I'm awake.
Tired as hell, but last nights night shift was bangin' though, worked with Tess...and if you work with Tess you know that there will be TEAM WORK, EFFICIENTANCY (spelling?) AND A LOT OF FUN! 8-)
So, today I'd thought I'd give you a picture of my new earrings I bought on SALE the other day, aren't they adorable? 39 SEK at Ginatricot. Wanted to show some more things I picked up on SALE but, the pictures didn't turn out good, so I'm just gonna have to show them with an outfit post sometime soon.

Now, time for breakfast...ehm, late breakfast...maybe even lunch, I'm kind of hungry, oh dear...I'm skipping breakfast, so sorry! I know it's the most important meal of the day, but I just need my sleep too so...Lunch it is and a BIG cup of black coffee!!


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