Back to Country

oh lord, I need to do my eyebrows.

Oh, Jess looks SO pretty!!!! She's crazy for not agreeing with me.
Today I'm spending my day out on the country side, at my roots.
Helping my dad out at his store, My lill' sis have been keeping me company, been foolin' around a bit, having ice cream out in the nice weather. Feelin kind of crappy looking today, so I've been swapping pictures for like an hour, so...these are the ones I'll post, I've decided, cause If not...I'll just continue all day. Anyway, this is the dirt cheap flowery dress I bought at H&M a while ago, cost only 49 SEK, Ka-tjing. However, today I don't really think it looked that flattering on me and atm I feel bloated!! Noooooo! Oh well...I'm tired too...Hope you all have a great day! I'll show some of my latest secondhand items later, so stick with me ;)
Now time for a big cup of black coffee and one episode of Sex and the city.


BBM said…
sheesh jennifer, ure the cutes ice cream eater i know. u and ure sis are so adorable ... i want both of you dolls!
Kristel Knows said…
Aw, thanks! You can have me! (*^_^*)
OB said…
great great photos sounds like a blast! <3
BBM said…
*pumping fists* yeessss. ;-)
vc said…
Your both beautiful! I think no matter what you wear you will look good, because your always smiling & having fun! That most important in life to enjoy it!
Maria said…
jag får glädjerus av alla dina fina kommentarer. Var glad att du har fina läsare:) Love you.

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