Morning face.

Good morning everyone at about 3.30pm.
Been working night shift, or should I call it graveyard shift? I like saying graveyard, makes me feel like I'm part of a CSI episode...or something, anyway! Last night at work exhausting, like a rollercoaster, one hour nothing happened, the next we have a line that goes all the way to the entrance with drunk annoying people, that never ends. I'm happy I get bonus though for working night.
So woke up about 2.15 pm, tired as hell, a bit later I checked online when the post office close, so 5 minutes to 3pm I rushed out of the apartment and just on time, before they closed at 3pm and picked up my package from YAY! Hope the harem pants fit, please god, make them fit, I'll show pictures later! :)


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