Flowery leggings!

Striped top - Ellos 149 SEK (new)
Flowery leggings - Ellos 95 SEK (new)
Earrings - Indiska
Rings - Old and New ones bought in Stockholm.

I like these flowery leggings so much more then the other ones I got from H&M. Right?
Now, I'm gonna do a quick visit to the mall and meet my little sister before work and hang a little bit. BUT! I'm not gonna do any shopping, I'm so done shopping for a while, I got all the items I love from The garden collection, and I'm so ready for spring and summer to come, I got all the fashion items I need. (I think) well...I'll hold of for at least a month now, no shopping for 30 days. (inspired by my fellow bloggers)


Lodimat said…
I prefer your H&M leggings! haha :D
does not mean I dislike these leggings!
they are kinda sexy, too! :D
StephanieDJL said…
mmkay so I pretty much adore this outfit and need a top like that in my life! andd I don't think I've said it before but your hair is fantastic
the EyeZuh said…
ooooh i want some flowery leggings! very cute :)

i love the combo of stripes and florals!
Candy9985 said…
Fab Mix,you look so cute.
Sarah Whitney said…
Those legging are fab! Love how you mixed the stripes with them.. you look lovely as always :)
BBM said…
yeah ... whats this shopping band all about? how did it get started ??? who ??? why ??? i wish i knew sooner so i can join!

also, ummmm yeah ... those tights are too cute for words!!!
Erica said…
Love your leggings! They're very cute. I think you paired them well.
Anonymous said…
I love your leggings they are so cute. I just bought a pair just like those the other day!

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