Forever I want!

Ah, Forever 21...
I always find something I fall in love with, browsing through their website is torture! I want so many things, but I can't get it. I'll just wait, wait until I buy that awesome flight ticket to New York, me and Jay have been talking a lot about moving. I feel so bad that I haven't gotten more into my visa app. I should, just too much work and other things around me that are making me loose my focus, but tomorrow I'm off work so my plan then is to look through the app. and see that I have all the documents and stuff required so that I can book for an appointment at the embassy.
How exciting.
It's not the shopping that wants me want to try out living in US. but the opportunities, the experience, meeting new people, it's also for Jason, and his family and friends, we've tried out lets give US a try.
(shopping is just a bonus.)


the EyeZuh said…
wish you were in Cali... i keep seeing those shorts on sale in the Forever 21 store near me lolz... great picks!
Sarah Whitney said…
Forever 21's website ALWAYS sucks me in.. it's dangerous! How exciting that you're thinking about moving to the US. I highly recommend the only two states that matter.. NY and Cali ;)

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