Hey! Look at me...

thanks for all the nice comments about my hair *blush*
Eh, I know it may seem silly to post this many photos just of myself, foolin' around, a bit tipsy, feeling wonderful, so what the hell ;) I've had a really nice time out tonight, now I'm home, chillin' with BF and our friend, Jay looked himself out with the wrong key to the apartment building so I had to rush home with a cab and help them get in, no worries though, it was my time to go home.
First we hanged out a bar, and then later on at a club, danced for a little bit, and I realized a lot of things at the club, I'll share that with you all later.
Oh, yeah...I've been out having fun with co-workers. (after a staff meeting, good time.)

Top - Ellos
Skirt - Ginatricot 99 SEK
Accessories - H&M


vc said…
You have awesome hair! Love the pictures you look beautiful!
BBM said…
awesome hair indeed! love the floral skirt! yum-o!
Ester said…
Love your style! you look awesome :) Your hair are so ferfect too..
Nina said…
Your hair is awesome! I love the skirt and its all good post if your tipsy or whatever, its your blog do what you want!!! hehe :)
Anonymous said…
haha thank you :D ! glad to make you happy :D

Maria said…

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Maria said…
This reminds me of you filipino cousin :)

Ester said…
Thanks for visiting.. ;)
I'm following you on bloglovin.com.. I love your selfconfidence :)

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