Nude favs.

high waist pants - H&M, Shoes - H&M, Lace dress - Nelly.

Top - Ginatricot, Belt - Gintricot, Bag - Macy's (Lucky brand jeans, totally love their stuff!)

Not to be afraid to wear nude colors! (even if you're pale.) I'm gonna start to give it a try, I know I am on a shopping ban but...I can't help but to wish for these items! Been browsing around, like a hawk on various online web-shops going nuts! I need to visit the local secondhand store soon and look for cheap vintage nude bags, belts and big and bold rings, and other cute accessories. I also want...for next time I visit US, invest in a Lucky brand jeans bag, frikkin' love their bags and wallets! I want to DIE! I want one so bad, I have two wallets already, Jason got me a new one for Christmas and his mom (I think) gave me one of her old ones, I got so happy, they are my favorite wallets!!
What do you think of Nude colors on clothes and accessories?


i love those pants and heels! i think nude colors are a great way to update an outfit!
StephanieDJL said…
I love the trousers and heels too! I'm still not convinced nude looks good on me, I got a top from ASOS and it washed me out and looked nasty! Maybe I should give it another shot

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