Clean White shoes...

Chinos - Ellos, White t-shirt - Ellos, Denim Jacket - ONLY, Scarf - H&M, Shoes - Skopunkten, Bag - vintage.
This is just something that I HAVE to get every spring/summer, WHITE tennis shoes. it's a must...comfortable, and most of the times cheap so you can wear and tear em' out and buy new one the next year, had an almost exact pair last year but threw them out by the end of the summer, after a while they just turn into poop and smells funky :P cause you wear them like everyday! They go so well with a denim jacket, jeans, leggings basically everything if you want too, it's the same with converse shoes, you could put on a crazy pink dress and still rock it. It's all in your head. :)
(news flash, Yes I know, I suck...I have been shopping)


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