Beach 2010

Don't really feel that I'm ready for the beach, first of all I'm pale as a ghost. But hey, you gotta start somewhere I guess, second of all I never find a swimsuit/bikini that I feel comfortable in, last but not least...I don't like my tummy. I have....*sigh* stretch marks of course, and it's just not a pretty sight when you're WHIIIITEEE!!! I love having a tan in the summer, you feel so summer fresh and sexy. What I didn't do last summer was to buy a high waist bottom, which I really really really want to do this year, that way you can hide (if you want) your tummy and stretch marks and feel comfortable, swimming and walking around, but then fold it down when you wanna tan, so that you can still get that nice tan, it's just too complicated to tan wearing a swimsuit, i did last summer, I had to *sigh* tan topless...Oh my gosh!! I know...I didn't dare at first but then my friends encouraged me, we were in France then so...we weren't the only ones so it kinda felt alright.





Do you prefer swimsuits? Bikinis or anything else?
I'd love to get tips on other nice swimwear.


OB said…
you've save me the search I was just about to hunt for a new suit and you got it down, love you for that, great picks <33
Katrin said…
I have had a tankini two summers ago, so you can hide you belly but roll up the top if you want to... but all in all I don't feel very comfy at the beach or in swimwear :/... And I like to have a bit lighter skin, my skin never gets a nice tan in one ton, more like this brown on my arms and a totaly different color on my legs xD
StephanieDJL said…
I hate swimwear! Although I can dig myself with clothes on, take them off and it is a no go lmao. Although if I must I wear tankinis, I think swimsuits bunch funny and being tall they're usually not long enough and dig in my shoulders/rid up - not attractive. I adore the polka dot bikini and the ruffle one though, too cute!
Zatine said…
Eh...Jag föredrar så mycket tyg som möjligt. Jag har inte haft riktiga badkläder på många många år. Det blev basketlinne och basketshorts för mig på stranden.
Kristel Knows said…
I'm feelin' ya girls...I feel the same way. I force myself out there on the beach, and try to build up confidence to wear a bikini, it's hard cause you kind of have to have a "I don't give a *fuck* about what you think about my body" it works, but...I think a high waist bottom/bikini would work for me but not the tiny bottoms, it's too uncomfortable.

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