Moving in party

Pictures from Maria's moving in party i Stockholm.

My outfit, decided to change bag to my lovely Spy bag. (No it's not real *shame*.)

Met Jill, old high school friend, hadn't seen her in 5 years!!! Finally she's moved to Stockholm. So nice!

Love, best friends forever.

Yum yum yum.

Mother and daughter and friends hanging.

Maria, preparing some delicious finger food.

I'll write more later...
Gonna hang out with ma ladies. :)


StephanieDJL said…
I love your dress and real or not that bag is fabulous! The food looks good too lol mmm
vc said…
AH looks so fun! I love gatherings with good friends. Love your coat, you look great!
Maria said…
Ooh I'm super happy that my strawberry crostinis looked so delicious!! ;) Tack för att du och Jason kom, alla tyckte du var så gullig!
OB said…
awe so amazing!!! great photos you and your bestie are so adorable!!
mea said…
älskar outfiten :--) o maten! blev ju hungrig nu :)
BBM said…
u look so great! ure outfits have been inspiring me my weekend wear lately ... love it!
Kristel Knows said…
Oh yeah, I hung around the food believe me, delicious :P lol.

Thank you so much everyone!
BBM-really?! that's so nice, thanks, and I'm glad I'm helping out a bit ;) so are you me!

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