Patched suede

Today has been a good shopping day *pleased*
After doing laundry and having coffee and cookies with an old friend, I went by the mall alone, and checked out H&M's sale. They have updated it with loads of new clothes and it's nuts, but I heard the other H&M in the city has an even more sick sale, but...couldn't make it there. *sad*
Anyway, took with me like seriously more then 10 different items to the dressing room, but I picked out 3 favorites, 3 dresses, bought a headband and a pair of suede shoes with studs, love, (and socks) for about 550 SEK, not too bad huh?
Also, bought this bag at another store, on sale, 199 SEK, genuine suede, patched, with a long shoulder strap, love that! big bags should have a shoulder strap!! maybe doesn't go so well with this outfit, but imagine with a denim jacket and cute flats, the bag gives me a bohemian feeling too, I like that.

What else could I match this bag with?


the EyeZuh said…
i think that bag would look great with anything floral! its so hippy-ish :) very cute
BBM said…
everything for under a 100 bucks? not bad at all! what a shopper! and a cute one too! xoxo!
Stiletto Siren said…
Sounds like a good shopping day! Love the bag!

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