In love with Lucky

I love the Lucky Brand jeans bags.
If I had the money, I would have gotten every one of these bags.
But they go for around 120 USD plus...up to 200 USD or more...Never bought a bag that expensive, hm, but...they are really nice and it would be an investment to buy one right?
I'm specially in love with the foldover flap bags, LOVE!

Do you like? :)


Gazel M. said…
Okay. Those bags are GORGEOUS. It would be nice to invest one!
I like the 1st one. I'm blessed to have a Lucky store in my mall. I might check it out. I've never had a Lucky brand bag before so I'm not sure of the quality...
vc said…
Love Lucky bags & jewelry! So cute, sadly they are a bit out of my budget! They are total investment pieces they have great leather and classic styles!
Kristel Knows said…
I know right, pricey! :( I'm happy the're good quality, i'll check them out more closely whenever I make a trip to US this summer :D

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