Dress nr. 1

Black strapless dress - GINATRICOT, Black bollero - ESPIRIT, Dark blue stockings - H&M, Denim Jacket - ONLY, Black loop scarf - H&M

had so much fun with he cam. today, so I posted extra many photos.(*^_^*)

I pretty much closed my eyes and let my hands wander through my closet until I decided to grab whatever dress I touched, I grabbed this strapless black dress, to my joy!
This has been a favorite, back in 2008 I wore this a lot. This dress is so flattering and classic looking, I should wear this one more often. So this is DRESS NR. 1 that I will wear today. Can't wait to see what I'll wear tomorrow. Surprise surprise, I think I'll do this "close my eyes" thing again, more exciting that way.

And to all that are joining the challenge with me, good luck, and don't forget to update me so I can check it out, super excited, thanks all!


CurvyGirlChic said…
CUTE!!! :D I love this look! and YAY for classic black dresses--best investment piece ever! :)

xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic
Gazel M. said…
Jennifer you look absolutely stunning. WOW. :) Lovely dress.

Stiletto Siren said…
Very cute! This dress is very flattering on you!
StephanieDJL said…
I gave your blog an award here :)!
OB said…
love it you look GREAT!! Can't wait to start tomorrow! :) love ya

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